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What is UNIQUE about MIDAS Advanced Webinar?

Topics are carefully selected to help different level of users solve their mechanical design & analysis problems with NFX. Whether you셱e a FEA beginner or a skilled analyst. You셪l find suitable topic for you.
You can also Contact Us혻to schedule a customized session if you want to know if NFX can solve you specific problem..
Future Webinars
Introduction to Linear and Nonlinear Buckling Analysis  
April 29 2015 / 10:00 GMT

Buckling is a dangerous phenomenon which can cause sudden failure of the structure, leading to potential economic or even life losses. It is therefore important to understand the buckling behaviors if the design involves slender structures bearing compressive load, that is commonly encountered in large steel structures of marine & offshore, mining and construction industries.

This webinar aims help you get hands on buckling analysis more smoothly by providing a balanced mixture of physical theories, implementable workflow and practical examples.

The session is free of charge, register today and defend the stability of your design!

1. Buckling in Engineering Practice
2. Buckling types: linear and nonlinear
3. Linear buckling analysis example and correlation to the theory
4. Nonlinear analysis for nonlinear buckling simulation
5. Q&A
Multibody simulation basics with midas NFX  
May 27 2015 / 10:00 GMT

Machines and mechanism can be complex, with interactions between multiple moving parts, such as industrial robots, vehicle suspensions, heavy equipment, etc. To investigate the motion of the complex system, multi-body simulation is the tool of use.

This webinar aims to help you get hands on multi-body simulation more smoothly by providing a balanced mixture of mechanical theories, implementable workflow and practical examples.

The session is free of charge, register today and step into the world of multi-body systems.

1. Machine and mechanism basics
2. Multibody features in midas NFX
3. Multibody analysis workflow
4. Practical example with correlation to the theory
5. Q&A
Introduction to Creep Analysis  
June 24 2015 / 10:00 GMT

Creep damage is a common structure failure need to be considered in design. It is especially important in systems operating under high temperatures, such as power plant, engines, turbine blade, etc.
This webinar starts from nonlinear analysis and material nonlinearity modeling. Then it will proceed to creep characteristic settings in material models. The session will keep a good balance of physic theory and introductory practical examples.

The session is free of charge, register today and defend your design against creep damage today.

1. Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis
2. Nonlinear Material Models
3. Creep in engineering practice
4. FEA creep modelling
5. Practical example
6. Q&A
Webinar samples
Introduction to NFX (30 min)
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