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What is UNIQUE about MIDAS Advanced Webinar?

Topics are carefully selected to help different level of users solve their mechanical design & analysis problems with NFX. Whether you셱e a FEA beginner or a skilled analyst. You셪l find suitable topic for you.
You can also Contact Us혻to schedule a customized session if you want to know if NFX can solve you specific problem..
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midas NFX Simulation Features in Depth  
February 16 2016 / 9:00 GMT

If you are already an expert in FEA Analysis, you know that some features are more powerful than others and you know as well that it is always required to compare between different software to find the software that will make you the most efficient for the lowest cost.

That셲 the challenge we set to ourselves in Midas. We want to prove you that we have all the tools that you will ever need, and even much more.

We set up this webinar to demonstrate to you in depth those features that will change the way to perform FEA forever.

We will talk about those topics:
- Midas NFX working modes for analysts and designers
- Optimized User interface for fast and accurate simulation
- Working with the Geometry almost as with CAD
- Automatic and manual Meshing capabilities
- Analysis Types (From Linear to Nonlinear and CFD)
- Reporting and visualization tools (Word and 3D PDF)
- Practical Simulation Demo

That셲 a totally free session and I am sure you will get a lot of value from it, so Join us!
Webinar samples
Introduction to NFX (30 min)
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