Powerful, Fast and
Affordable FEA

midasNFX is an integrated finite element analysis program for structural,
CFD simulation and optimization design. It provides efficient and accurate analysis together with a high-performance pre-post processor. Within the highly interactive and visual environment, users have total freedom
to build, edit, mesh and manipulate FE models. midas NFX
provides total solutions from high-end structural analysis
functions such as contact, nonlinear, dynamic and fatigue
analyses in addition to high-end fluid analysis functions
such as moving mesh, free surface analysis and
mass transfer analysis.

Affordable price, with special supporting plan for small size companies and consultants

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Full Analysis Types in ONE Interface

All the following examples are “Do it yourself” demonstrations with detailed explanations about the engineering problems
to be solved using mechanical simulation, try them to understand the benefits of simulation for your business.

  • Structural Analysis

    Large and complex assemblies can be easily handled thanks to NFX’s convenient modeling functions. Try simulate this huge stacker reclaimer step-by-step.

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  • Optimization

    Optimization helps you to make crucial choices during design process, and lead to optimum product in short time. Try topology optimization to understand the benefits for your product.

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  • Thermal Analysis

    Need to get the temperature and thermal stress on your product ? Try midas NFX and learn how to get those values easily.

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  • CFD Analysis

    Need to consider dynamics of fluids in your design ? Discover how midas NFX will help you to get the critical values you need.

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  • Linear/Nonlinear Analysis
    of large structural model

    Model Description: Stacker Reclaimers are large structural machinery used in mining industry
    to transport coal

    Analysis Purpose: Those machinery are generally old and structural safety assessment are
    required to keep them safe

    Midas NFX Benefits:

    • Handle large assembly of thousands of geometry parts without problem
    • Mid-surfacing and geometry simplification features
    • 1D elements (Rod, Beam, Cable,…) can be combined with 2D Plate and 3D Solid elements
    • Perform linear/Nonlinear Static as well as modal and buckling on 1 unique model
    • Fast Automatic Reporting tools
  • Topology Structural Optimization
    of Bracket

    Model Description: Brackets are very simple mechanical parts, but they the sustain loads and
    cost-effective as well

    Analysis Purpose: Optimize the volume of material required for the bracket while keeping it
    resistant enough

    Midas NFX Benefits:

    • Topology optimization of CAD Assembly coupled with linear, modal and frequency response analysis
    • Optimization according to limitations and design conditions such as stress, displacement, volume and manufacturing conditions
    • Generation and auto-remeshing of optimized model and export into STL format
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
    of PCB Card

    Model Description: PCB Card required to be smaller in order to fit into smaller devices
    while limiting heat related problems

    Analysis Purpose: Understand the temperature changes into PCB cards and their influence
    on structural model

    Midas NFX Benefits:

    • Steady State/Transient State Thermal Analysis
    • Heat Generation, Conduction, Radiation, Cavity Radiation, Temperature dependent materials
    • Linear/Nonlinear Thermal Stress Coupled Analysis
    • Thermal contact and temperature based sensor to control the analysis time efficiently
    • Automatic word and 3D PDF report generation
  • Flow Dynamics Analysis
    of Pump Equipment

    Model Description: Pump Equipment must be always efficient, reliable and durable.

    Analysis Purpose: Predict performance at design points to ensure robustness
    and long lasting durability

    Midas NFX Benefits:

    • Easy simplification of CAD model for CFD analysis
    • Steady State/Transient State CFD Analysis
    • Moving mesh to investigate real transient solutions
    • Multi Reference Frame to investigate faster steady state solutions
    • Export of CFD Results on Structural for fluid-structure coupled analysis
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Modeling, Analyzing and Reporting in speed of light

Fast Modeling Midas NFX integrates all the geometry and mesh operation features for a fast modelling of simulation models directly into midas NFX pre/post graphical interface.

Fast Solver Midas NFX has the latest multi-core solvers that have been verified to give accurate results in a reduced amount of time.

Fast Reporting Midas NFX integrates several tools to accelerate the reporting of your model data, including word format auto-report generator and 3D PDF report generator.

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High-end FEA with Friendly UI and Price

We believe that advanced finite element technology should be accessible to all the engineers, regardless of experience and
budget conditions. To fulfill our belief, a supporting rental plan is available for small size companies and FEA consultants.

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  • NFX CAE Standard
  • Linear Static
  • Buckling
  • Modal Analysis
  • NFX CAE Standard Plus
  • Linear Static
  • Buckling
  • Modal Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
  • NFX CAE Professional
  • Linear Static
  • Buckling
  • Modal Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
  • Linear Dynamics Analysis
  • Nonlinear Static/Quasi-static
  • Nonlinear Explicit/Implicit Analysis
  • Topology/Size Optimization
  • Multi-body Dynamics
  • NFX CFD Standard
  • Steady/Transient
  • Fluid flow analysis
  • NFX CFD Professional
  • Steady/Transient
  • Fluid flow analysis
  • Thermal coupled analysis
  • Moving mesh
  • Convection
  • Free surface
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