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midas NFX 2015 Release Webinar

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nonlinear elastic material setting image in midas NFX 2015

Nonlinear Elastic Material

You can simulate nonlinear elastic material in NFX 2015. See how to do it in this example.

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multi layered PCB property image in midas NFX 2015

Multi-layered PCB

Taking into account the effective thermal conductivity of a multi-layered PCB used to be a challenging task. See how NFX 2015 makes it easier for you

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CFD Compact Thermal Model image in midas NFX 2015

Compact Thermal Model

CTM is a siplified behavioral model which accurately predict temperatures at critical points (i.e.junction) in a electronic systm. It significally reduce the computing time

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Cyclic Symmetry Boundary Condition image in midas NFX 2015

Cyclic Symmetry Boundary Condition

Many structures repeast around an axis (i.e. fans, turbines). For these structures, NFX 2015 can pattern geometries and loads cyclically, so you only need to model one small section to evaluate the behavior of the whole structure

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overset mesh image in midas NFX 2015

Overset Mesh

In complex fluid flow problems, not every geometry can be well represented using a single, contiguous mesh. NFX 2015 introduces overset mesh function. Try how it works in this example

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1D CFD Flow Analysis image in midas NFX 2015

1D CFD Analysis

This function helps to analyze flow, heat, and mass transport in complex pipe networks easily with great saving of computational time. Try how to create 1D CFD element and how to connect it with 3D domain

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Inertia Relief image in midas NFX 2015

Inertia Relief

Inertia relief enables the analysis of unsupported systems such as automotives in motion, or satellites in space. It releases the inertia effect and the relative displacements are independent of constraint conditions.

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peel down selection image in midas NFX 2015

Peel Down Selection

This tool helps you easily select geometries, which are difficult of access, inside the model.

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