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Linear Static Analysis

Static Loads

There are various static loads that can be used in Midas NFX.

Translational: Inertial Force, Gravity, Pressure
Rotational: Moment, Torque, Rotational Force
Special: Remote Load, Bearing Load, Bolt Load, Pipe Load, Beam Load

The magnitude of these loads can also vary in space. This can be done by assigning a spatial function for the load.

Fast Solvers

The enhanced computational algorithms used by midas NFX empowers the solver with the ability to solve complex problems in less time.

Other options such as multi-core parallel processing and GPU based acceleration boost the solution speed even further.

Result Types

The linear solver of midas NFX provides a host of different outputs and the following result types can be viewed and investigated in midas NFX:

Displacements (axial and rotational), Grid Forces, Reactions, Bar Element Forces, Bar Element Stresses, Bar Element Strains, Shell Element Forces, Shell Element Stresses, Shell Element Strains, Solid Stresses, Solid Strains, Strain Energy


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