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Buckling Analysis


Linear Buckling Analysis in Midas NFX uses the Lanczos algorithm to generate buckling shapes in structures. The analysis effectively consists of two subcases:

Linear Static Analysis: To calculate the material and geometric stiffness of the structure

Eigenvalue Analysis: To generate the modal shapes

The results from the static analysis and eigenvalue analysis together give the resultant buckling shapes of the structure.

Result Type: Buckling Shapes

Buckling failure in structures occurs due to the geometric shape of the structure. Typically, this failure occurs at a stress value lower than that predicted using static analysis.

Midas NFX uses the Lanczos algorithm to generate buckling shapes at different natural frequencies of the structure.

Application Examples

Buckling analysis is used to predict failure in long, slender structures. It is common to analyze buckling behaviour in large steel structures that are commonly used in marine & offshore, mining and construction industries.

The images to the right show the model of a steel tank, and its buckling shapes at different frequencies. The graph provides the value of frequency at each mode of vibration. Eigenvalue analysis calculates all the modal frequencies of the structure.


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