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NFX is a finite element software for computational mechanics and fluid mechanics for both analysts and designers. Streamline your FEA tasks more efficiently in a cost effective way. NFX empowers the user with 3 most distinguishable characteristics.

CAE/CFD solution-in-one interface: This makes NFX more multidisciplinary, and seriously saves your effort to switch between platforms. In NFX 2013, CFD capabilities are again significantly enhanced.

Intuitive workflow and GUI: NFX is designed to carry out complicated tasks in headache-free ways. Consistent feedbacks about “a fast learning curve” and “junior engineer friendly” inspire us to feel confident about the quality of the software.

In NFX 2013, a significant number of new features have been implemented to provide easier and flexible modelling and meshing operations

Superb analysis capabilities at an affordable price:   provides a total solution with high-end structural analysis functions such as contact analysis, nonlinear analysis, explicit dynamic analysis and fatigue analysis in addition to high-end fluid dynamic analysis functions including moving mesh, free surface analysis and mass transfer analysis.
In NFX 2013, we give you all the power to perform any kind of professional simulation quickly and accurately.
What’s new about NFX 2013?
Nonlinear Implicit Dynamic

Midas NFX 2013 provides Nonlinear Implicit Dynamic Analysis to simulate more complex nonlinear dynamic systems. Learn more
Mid-Surface Extraction

Midas NFX 2013 provides some mid-surface extraction tools to create 2D Shell model from 3D Solid model. Learn more
Model Simplification

Midas NFX 2013 provides better tools to simplify and prepare you CAD model for Analysis. Learn more
Size Optimization

Midas NFX 2013 provides better optimization tools for the engineer with Size and Topology optimization. Learn more
Nonlinear Transient Heat Stress Analysis

Midas NFX 2013 provides improved capabilities for heat stress analysis in nonlinear transient domain. Learn more
Other post-processing improvements

Plot of ply results through the thickness for composite materials, element contour plot, result calculation, local force sum, stress linearization… Learn more
What can NFX 2013 do?
As a FEA generalist software, midas NFX is applicable in large variety of industries. Click on each industry for details
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