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What’s new about NFX 2014?
GPU Solver Computing

Midas NFX 2014 now can use the GPU (Graphical Processor Unit) of the graphic card to compute and solve faster your mechanical problems (up to 20 times faster). Learn more
3D PDF report

In midas NFX 2014, analysis results can be print out in 3D PDF file, in which you can view and manipulate 3D model and analysis result.
Learn more  Download 3D PDF Sample
Auto-Connection of Geometry Parts

The process of model preparation can be huge when a lot of parts have to be simulated together. Auto-connection makes the creation of common face easy and automatic. Learn more
New 1D element properties

New properties for 1D elements have been added to simulate more complex systems including cables, gaps and tension only elements.
Gap Element  Cable Element
Mesh Deletion (Explicit Dynamics)

Midas NFX 2014 introduces new material options for explicit nonlinear dynamic analysis with the possibility to simulate model breakage with theh new mesh deletion feature. Learn more
What can NFX 2014 do?
As a FEA generalist software, midas NFX is applicable in large variety of industries. Click on each industry for details
Automotive Industry
Construction Industry
Electronics Industry
Consumer Goods
Industrial Equipments
Energy Industry
Materials industry
Medical Equipments Industry
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